Whoa, that wasn’t as easy as it appears! It never occurred to me how difficult it is to find cool necklaces and charms for men. Here’s best of the best, I hope!


Giles & Brother Horn necklace $70
Spear Jewelry Onyx Horn $122
House of Waris Key $188
Giles & Brother Charms $69
Giles & Brother Large Dagger $95
House of Waris Snake $188
Lanyard Single Knot $52

Foxman Shield $165
Griffin “Explorer” $95
House of Waris Skull $188
Griffin Pocket Knife (black) $110
Me&Ro Silver Heart and Sword $130
House of Waris Deer $188
Spear Jewelry Bullet $164
Barb & Joleta Black Cloud $65
Light Sweet Crude Scissor $125
Criffin Horn $120

& of course there’s always Alex+Chloe, but that’s too easy!