The World Provider “Volunteers” – Canada – website – “The World Provider sows delight and confusion, continuing to fine-tune the irresistible combination of catchy tunes, cheap-keyboard sonics, and over-the-top theatrical performance.”

Battles “Atlas” – NY – myspace – “Battles stand out from other bands making experimental music because 3 of the members come from very successful, cult post metal, hardcore backgrounds, John drummed for Helmet and continues to drum for Tomahawk, while Tyondai comes from a salubrious avant garde musical heritage.”

Bat for Lashes “Whats a Girl To Do” – UK – website – “Bat For Lashes is the creation of Natasha Khan, a Pakistan-born, Brighton based songwriter. Her concept for Fur And Gold was to make something that started at dusk and finished up in the glorious sunlight. That gives you an idea of what this ethereal, cinematic, fantastical album sounds like.”

Friendly Fires “On Board” – UK – myspace -Oxymoron for a band name + silly music video = this fresh indie rock band. If you visit their myspace – make sure to listen to “Paris” it’s an excellent track.