With all those recent posts about one of the Ronson siblings on OhNoTheyDidnt lately, and Sam’s video being featured on the front page of Myspace (thanks, Erich!!) – – I seriously dreamt about meeting them today!

M. Ronson : born in London in 78, moved to NYC at the tender age of eight. He is a DJ (started back in early 90’s), and a producer for Lily Allen and Miss Winehouse among other big ballers. Mostly just a well-dressed hunk of accent-enabled meat.

S. Ronson :¬† Best known for DJing and posing (..maybe) in photos with high-as-a-kite Lohan, and supposedly making devil deals with paparazzi. She also recorded a song which made it’s way into the soundtrack of Mean Girls – perhaps the first time the two (lovers) met. She also co-owns (Mr Big from SaTC is another co-owner) a nighclub in NY.

C. Ronson : Twin sister of Sam, and a fashion designer. She can be heard about and seen on Soap’s The Fashionista Diaries. Her father is a rock star, and her mom is a socialite.

Basically some very talented siblings! (

PS. Watch a video of Sam’s favorite west Hollywood stores.