Fresh tunes from those Australian-speaking people down unda’.

The Red Sun Band “Peapod”
– Based out of Sydney, the trio have played along side Cat Power, Granddaddy, The Shins, and Sonic Youth.

Plug-in City “Broke on a Wheel”
– A mystery.

Gotye “Hearts a Mess”
– Born in Belgium, raised in Australia, published on this US blog; Gotye is a project of Wouter “Wally” DeBacker who released two albums in 2007. TWO!

Faker “This Heart Attack”
– Lead by singer/songwriter Nathan Hudson, who notes their single (below) is about “acknowledging that your head’s about to explode.”

Sneaky Sound System “UFO”
– The dance trio is described as “electronic garage band,” with 1980 inspirations sparked all over the video below:

Belles Will Ring “The Coldest Heart”
– “Their name evokes angelic imagery and is inundated with beauty and promise. Thanks to that imagery, their soundscape is appropriately introduced.”

Art of Fighting “Free You”
– Five albums under the belt, this Melbourne quarteret started in 1997 by high school friends.