2 Days in Paris
The Bourne Ultimatum
The TV Set
Tell No One
Ocean’s 13
Year of the Dog
Red Road
Mr Bean’s Holiday
Science of Sleep
American Gangsters
Hot Fuzz
The Number 23

A list of the 2007 movies I’ve seen in 2007. From best to worst. And below a list of the movies from last years which I still plan to watch. BTW, I’ve watched Once the other day and it is as ahhmazing as everyone describes it.

The Assassination of Jesse James, Gone Baby Gone, My Kid Could Paint That, Michael Clayton, Stephanie Daley, Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, After the Wedding, Paris Je T’aime, 4 Weeks 3 Days and 2 Hours, The Darjeeling Limited, I’m Not There, The Lives of Others, The Nines, The Dead Girl, Margot at the Wedding…