Gael Garcia Bernal stars in a Levi’s commercial. I would not decline to be his partner in crime! The company actually got  wise about the music+ad combos which gathers the viewers’ curiousity, and put out an album of the songs feathered. (This is a replacement of an ad I could not find which was made around the same time.)

This is my favorite commercial of all time. Sony Bravia ad where they send 250000 bouncy-balls down a San Francisco street. Music by Jose Gonzales covering The Knife’s “Heartbeats.”

This is another one from Bravia. Paint fireworks.

Sochi 2014. Pardon my French, but I am gonna shit my self watching the opening ceremony in 6 years!

Pontiac. Another find close to reseblance of the exact ad I was looking for. The ones I was searching youtube for, was the car ad with a blind woman made in 2003. Anybody remember it?

The best for last! Need I say more?

It’s almost backwards thinking that some video ads are worth the time or patience. But the ones above are.