I screamed when I saw the trailer on my television, in between an episode of Project Runway (which I’m abondoning, by the way). I mean REALLLY there is so many great actors in one feature film! I honestly didn’t even get a chance to comprehend what the movie was about – but once such a great cast is is involved, it doesn’t really matter. Below is low-quality youtube version of the trailer, for those who care. And here’s a HQ on quicktime. Opens on September 12th!

“This 60s-infused poster is just magnificent. I’ve been poring over my books of posters from the various decades and it’s definitely reminiscent of the kind of artwork used in the 1960s, but I can’t pinpoint what poster specifically that it reminds me of.”

(Colin from getthebigpicture.net)

SAUL BASS! He had designed many classic posters, including Vertigo, West Side Story, and It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World. (If you’re interesting in movie poster designs, visit Movie Poster Addict).

Turns out this beauty of a poster was made by a NY-based design agency Special Ops Media. They have an impressive list of clients which including E!, Dell, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, Atari, and every movie studio I’ve heard of. And they are basically a dream company. Earlier this year they were bought over by an Swedish-Dutch digital agency holding firm LBI. And you know how I feel about Swedes…