In hunt of a good across-body purse . . . am feeling like quite a huntress lately.

eHarmony is crap, by the way.

A: Jvin motorcycle-inspired bag. 4 colors: pastel blue, pale pink, ivory, black. Synthetic leather. $80

B:ASOS leather across-body bag. Leather. $33

C: Celvi convertable patent tote. 2 colors: khaki and camel. Synthetic leather. $82

D: Urban Outfitters suede tassel hobo. Suede and cotton. $68

F: Jvin oversized shoulder bag. 3 colors: black, dark brown, brown. Artificial leather. $72

G: Yah quilted tote. 6 colors: black, pink, red, blue, white, yellow. Synthetic leather. $48

H: Anello striped bag. Synthetic leather. $43