Spring cleaning hit me like a fever. I spent hours rearranging my woman cave, throwing away all the stupid shit (such as endless installments of Vogue), all while emerging my ears in HOURS of sxsw music. I suggest crazy music fanatics (like moi) downloads the torrent (6GB of music, yo) and preview a taste of everything that it has to offer. The artists are organized alphabeticly, and as I go along – song by song – I delete majority of it to find the diamonds in the rough. Below is the first batch, enjoy :

Delphic – Counterpoint (UK?) (This video made me extremely homesick in the best way possible – watch in HQ)

Arsenal – Estupendo (Belgium)

Alaska In Winter – Berlin (New Mexico/Berlin/Alaska)

Alessi’s Ark – The Horse (UK)

Angus & Julia Stone – Mango Tree (Australia)

Others without videos:

A Classic Education – Stay, Son (Italy)

20:20 Soundsystem – Shiver (live at sonar) (UK)

Amber Rubarth – Rough Cut (NYC)

Arms and Legs – No Prescription (Connecticut)

Black Cherry – Radio (UK)