Photographs are by the talented Jeremy Cowart (more on his blog.)

These promotional photographs took my breath away. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve fallen in love with Paper Route. It was love-at-first-listen of their Are We All Forgotten EP. This past Tuesday, they released their first full-length cd: Absence (myspace). It is the soundtracks of a haunted dreamland, which is a part of what the images above portray. Paper Planes are said to be inspired by insomnia…

Rolling Stone: Melodic, emotional synth-rock that pulses with an ambient undercurrent reminiscent of vintage Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin. Paper Route are America’s answer to symphonic-pop artists like Elbow, M83 and Air, especially on Absence tracks like the propulsive “Tiger Teeth” and anthemic, Doves-like “Last Time.”

My favorites are “Good Intentions,” “Last Time,” “Lovers’ Anthem,” and the breath-taking “Dance On Our Graves.”