Millie’s Cafe on Sunset
– excellent for hungover brunch, they serve breakfast alllll day long!

I had the “Neptune’s Mess – three scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese, cherry wine & scallions”

Town & Country Bakery & Cafe
Half a grilled chicken sandwich with goat cheese and a vegan “West African Peanut Soup”, Erin raved about their “Stuffed French Toast”, + they even bake cupcakes!

Café Crêpe
Next time, I’m ordering a nutella-filled one. What was I thinking getting one with ham & brie cheese crepe? It made me soo full.

Nad Pod (? not sure if it’s the correct place)
We stumbled into these location to grub at 3am! I love LA, because you can get some thai after downing long islands elsewhere.

I’ve also loved Todai in Beverly Center. Excellent all-you-can-eat seafood and suchi! Yum, yum!