I usually avoid the ‘popular’ section at hypem.com, but jj made his way into my ‘followed’ section…

Holy fuck, I listening to that song one and half times before deciding it was love. It sounds absolutely gorgeous. Lil Wayne makes a (typical) sexy apperance on “My Way”. I wish this is what the music in my dreams sounds like.

Apparently the entire persona behind jj is very secretive, which adds more beauty to its carefully crafted tunes. This excites me, coz my favorite band (also out of Sweden) stays back from public apperances.

Read this from the Sincerely Yours website:

OK, jj went to malaga to have some fun, get some sun and 2 albums done. it was back in the fall of 2008 when they had both lost their virginity to insanity and were looking for moments of clarity. a plane to spain felt like a reasonable opportunity.
so with money in the bank, nobody to thank, it started with a drank.
and a couple of hours later the on the 29th of september they had felt the first breeze coming in from africa, sweet winds of melodies pure and true.

and now, it’s time to give it away to you, of course for free, for you to see how vacation could be. so, let go, cause this is my way.

Listen to “My Way” (ft Lil Wayne) :

Reason #14397497 why Sweden is best.