The Barnes ‘n Noble by my house – biking distance, nonetheless – is just about my favorite place in this town. It’s conveintly close to shopping and eatery (Paradise Bakery, anyone?), it’s got free Wi-Fi, hunks of spunks who look busy and/or intellegent by roaming the aisles of literature, Starbux cafe inside, AND it’s open til 11PM! Score all around! Oh, and it’s got books. But really, that’s the least cool part.

For giggles sake:
A few months ago, my bestie and I were at this location. I was writing down new bands to love via one of BnN’s music system. You know, the black box in which you enter your favorite band and you get recommendations for other bands’ songs – majority of which you can preview 30 seconds of. 30 seconds of potential-new-found-love! Meanwhile, Erich was wandering around looking at weather-related books, I’m sure. Anyways, we got separated. He saw some 5-foot-nothing girl who was speaking in a British accent walking around him, and he thought she was ME! I mean, really! I’m not 11 years old. Nor am I British in the least. Geesh.