It’s been three years since we’ve first met. Three years since I’ve touched for you for the first time. It might’ve been – as they say – love at first sight, but I doubt it. You were different from previous ones. You were also very different from any of the ones my friends had. You were “advanced.”

We spent countless hours together. Holding hands. You showed me things I needed to know, you helped me you-tube bands, I asked you to remind me things because my memory is weak, and of course you woke me up for early morning flights. You were always there for me.

Exactly one year ago something terrible happend in my life. Someone broke into my friend’s car and stole the most valuable items in my life: my beloved (and over-worn) Steven Madden flats, my red purse, my golden “old lady” bolero, my car’s keyless entry button, and of course YOU. I cried. We’ve never been apart before that night!

There was a replacement that I despised. It didn’t get my humor, and I couldn’t communicate with it as fast as I was used to. You sure did spoil me.

I had a mission to find a quick replacement – which I did via the interwebz. (That’s what a girl’s gotta do to heal a broken heart : google a new one.) When I set eyes on the new you for the first time, I knew life made sense again. You had a few minor updates that I appreciated.

It’s been 8 months since we’ve been together. You were in my life when I fell in love and when I fell out of it. Now, you’re beginning to show your age and you seem outdated by most standards. It’s time to upgrade, my dear. No hard feelings.

From now on, I shall be with your newest model, Pre+.