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Over the last weekend, I have done the following:

~ dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean
~ laughted my ass off during our entire trip
~ saw the Walt Disney Concert Hall
~ drank with fellow baby angels at Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake
~ drank at least 3 $5 PBRs at FYF
~ peed in porta-potties like 2034982048 times
~ ate the world’s worst burger
~ made up for that stupid burger at amazing Los Angeles cafes: Twain’s restaurant in “The Hills”, Lemonade, Gelato Bar in Studio City, pizza at Joe’s on Sunset Blvd, Homegirl Cafe, late from some random (and disgustingly awesome) coffee shop, & a burrito outside of Cha Cha
~ watched the amazing performance of bands at FYF (Local Natives are my favorite live band, possibly ever)
~ bought a “souvenir” bracelet at Fred Segal
~ got my #1 purchase for the fall10/winter11 : a velvet blazer (!!!!!)