[Now that the year is coming to an end (FINALLY!), I am going to unroll my favorite and least favorite movies and music. Keep an eye out on the album list – it will take more deliberation than this..]

Obviously, the BEST movie of the year/decade is Christopher Nolan’s Inception. I have enjoyed it FIVE times on the theater screen. Yes, five!

It’s flawless to me. The director/writer Christopher Nolan (Memento, Following, The Dark Knight) spent 10 years perfecting his masterpiece. It shows. For example: Marion Cotillard’s (Mal (which means “bad” in French as in bad dream)) previous role including Oscar-winning performance of Edith Piaf whose song is featured throughout the movie.

There is another good film of 2010 – Breaking Upwards. It was an indie gem which you can catch on Netflix Instant Queue (hint hint). Someone on IMDB has compared it to Annie Hall, referring to both as “romantic tragedies”. I highly highly suggest!

Others (random order): SATC2, Shutter Island, MegaMind, Due Date, Blood Into Wine, Timer, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. WORST movie was Alice In Wonderland. Ugh.

Previous years: 2009 District 9 was my favorite; &2007 with 2 Days In Paris.