Celebrity flirts/famous encounters: Trey Songz and the dude from Smash Mouth. (Also the entire team of NO Saints. Studs with expensive man purses. Seriously. Also, Alice Cooper’s crew.) Halloween costume(s): Queen of Hearts, Charlie Choplin, Alex from Clockwork Orange. Best kiss: … Best date: with Brian at Suns playoffs game (row 6, VIP tent).  Worst date: with Granger at Stax; he grabbed my ass when we said goodbyes. Best album: see post. Best movie: see post. Best purchase: Plan B, Inception DVD, flight tickets for OK. Vacations: California and Oklahoma. Love interests: 19. Craziest day: July 11th (not just because Spain won World Cup). Craziest night: December 17th. Worst hangovers: post-birthday, in Norman after “slushie margaritas”, post-Aaron’s birthday and post-December 17th (oof). Others’ beds: 4.5. Hours spent watching Inception in theaters: 12.5.