How beautiful is this loft complex in NYC? It’s a creation between architect Morris Adjmi and Zac Posen who designed the interior. Abso-fucking-fab. I spotted this on the NYTimes site (as an ad) originally and did a bit of research. More info:

16W21’S principal architect, Morris Adjmi, is globally renown for realizing visions that both “fit in and stand out” with their respective context. In the instance of his most recent project, Adjmi drew inspiration from the neoclassical limestone and white-washed brick buildings of New York’s Ladies Mile Historic District.

The 14 stories will be divided into 9 units; 1 garden “townhouse,” 5 full-floors, 2 duplexes and a triplex penthouse with prices starting in the mid $2 million dollars.

Info taken from If It’s Hip, It’s Here16W21’s Official Site < more pictures!