“Collective Dynamics of the ‘Small-World’ Network” : a book Jack read where we were in Venice. Everywhere we went he was looking for proof that this theory works. It’s very simple : our world is small and if you travel to the other side of the planet, there is a very high probability you will bump into someone who lives right down your street. Scientifically, it is proven that it’s not just chance. We are a whole and everything is connected. The illusion of chaos in which we live is actually orderly and definitely linked. But it’s just a theory, and Jack spent our two weeks in Venice looking for a sign of it, and nothing.” (2 Days In Paris)

Julie Delpy holds a precious spot in my heart. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and her directorial effort 2 Days In Paris are all gems. Two of the aforementioned are related by having the main characters (Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawk as the two (possible) lovers) rekindled their attraction divided by a gap of time. Her follow-up (2 Days In New York) to the film she wrote, directed, produced and recorded the score for is set to be released later this year. Not only is that thrilling news, but get this – the new man in her character’s life is portrayed by Chris Rock. I loved him in Death At A Funeral. Bam!