If you didn’t know before, I’m big on zodiac. Especially horoscope from Jonathan Cainer of Hello Mag: link.

My first glimpse was a few weeks ago, when the romance was just blooming. It is so spot on that I cut it out:

PISCES – 20Feb-20Mar (mine)
The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. People who lead gloomy lives don’t have to worry about this, because everything merges into the same featureless terrain. When, though, there is a single source of hope and inspiration, the problems that are associated with this are shown up in sharp relief. We can see them so clearly outlined that we begin to wonder whether our faith is misguided. A great light is now shining down on you. It is creating a lot of joy, but it is also intensifying an apparent source of sadness or regret. Don’t let it upset you. Just keep looking at what’s good.

ARIES 21Mar-20Apr (his)

Christopher Columbus upset many people with his plan to sail around the world. “You’re crazy,” they shouted. “You’ll fall off the edge!” He was pretty sure of himself, but a part of him must have been worried. He took his risk – and soon, you will have to take yours. So, how confident are you? Be glad of your doubt. That’s your sanity check. It is the reason why you won’t become overconfident and make some foolish mistake. Let it slow you down, but don’t let it stop you. You know what must be done and are in excellent position to do it. Be brave and you’ll yet change history.

Time to hit the gym. Regular posts with visuals next..