I spotted this memoir on NYTimes Best Sellers list a few days ago (it’s #15 currently, has been circulating on the list for 215 weeks!). Without ever researching what or who it’s about, I found it on a shelf at my local library and headed home. Within a few paragraphs of the first chapter I was hooked. Honestly just could not put it down. Highly recommended.

Apparently Brad Pitt’s production company brought the rights to the movie, so I’m crossing my fingers the movie will be a visual accomplice. Here’s the 2005 NYT review of the book.

(Here’s a confession of sorts – I used to read A LOT. That was years ago, I wouldn’t be able to name all of the novels I finished or nearly-finished. (A particularly painful book to finish was one about the main character getting out of rehab and readjusting back to life as effortlessly as it is in movies. Yawn..) )