I’m a big fan of all thing coffee / espresso, including but not limited to tiramisu & lattes. For the next 30 days I will visit 10 local coffee shops to review and rate them. Simple.


Good news! I’m in love!

Sitting here under the coldest A/C in all of Phoenix listening to indie rock and enjoying the best damn cup of coffee ever. It’s called “pour over” and it’s basically a personal cup of joe Giant Coffee baristas will make for you! There are revolving flavors to choose from – I picked the Eithiopian one which had the more distinctive scent. All of their coffee is direct from the coffee plantations – no middle man! Nice. They have goodies that look mouthwatering, including plump bagels, sweets, and biscotti. The location is amazing – walking distance from lightrail AND library. The space is very urban, huge ceiling-to-floor windows that ask to be opened once the weather outside permits. It’s a nice unpretentious modern coffee shop which shares the space with a little boutique. New favorite spot.

Customer service : 4.5/5
Coffee : 5/5
Sweets selection : 4/5
Atmosphere : 5/5