New York Times. A classic.

The Brain On Love  March 24, 2012
A happy marriage relieves stress and makes one feel as safe as an adored baby. 

Wonder Dog February 2, 2012
Paws for Ability, an agency in Xenia, Ohio, trains service dogs that will live with children who have disabilities.

The I of the Beholder July 29, 2011 BR

Married, With Infidelities June 30, 2011
The question is whether it’s possible to act on our desires sensibly, as Savage would have it, while maintaining the special equilibrium we trust our marriages, or long-term partnerships, to preserve. Do we know our relationships well enough to go outside them?

Hearts, and Lives, Out of Step* April 14 2011
Where was the “nice boy” who would help me cross over into adulthood, into the world of rings and babies?

In the Fourth Dimension, It’s Damp and Ticklish April 15 2011
You’re sitting in a seat that is vibrating ominously, though it’s not one of those coin-operated massage chairs. Someone is spitting on you. Something that might be a rat or a roach or a foot fetishist is flicking or possibly licking your ankles. Where are you? A. On the subway. B. In CBGB, circa 1985. C. In the fourth dimension.

“Say Her Name”* BR April 7 2011
Francisco Goldman’s passionate, moving novel takes as its subject his tragically short marriage to the fiction writer Aura Estrada, who died in a bodysurfing accident in 2007, when she was 30. (This made me tear up)

Toddler Twins : Secret Language or Babble? March 31 2011
Two diaper clad brothers having a conversation…or are they?

In Tennessee, Grand Plans for a $750 Million Theme Park Raise Great Doubt March 26 2011
Basically, some crazy dude wants to open a huge theme park, yet based on his previous records he appears to be full of fraud! Crazy! ” ““These people have left a trail of tears all over — it’s insane””

Our Imperfect Search for Perfection March 11 2011
Which leads us, as all roads do, to James Franco. He is the personification of this very modern conundrum: we’re not sure whether to praise or mock him for his superhuman efforts at intellectual and artistic self-improvement.

Call It a Reversible Coma, Not Sleep Mar 1 2011Dr. Emery Neal Brown heads a laboratory seeking to unravel one of medicine’s big questions: how anesthesia works.

18 Stethoscopes, 1 Heart Murmur and Many Missed Connections Feb 28 2011
A woman let her heart speak, and only some medical students talked back.

Inspired By Mario and Bob The Builder, Writers offer the Wii Plays Feb 1 2011
Ars Nova, the nonprofit theater in Hell’s Kitchen, worlds both real and virtual will mingle on stage in “The Wii Plays,” an evening of short works and live music inspired by the titles of Nintendo Wii games.

Aging Gracefully, the French Way July 14, 2010
I OFTEN see an elderly woman in my Paris neighborhood waltzing down the street to her own imagined music, flashing a slightly demented smile at everyone she passes. Anywhere else, I would cross the street to avoid her. But she always wears a matching, if slightly kooky, outfit — like the red print skirt, loose cardigan and scarlet cloche hat she wore one day this spring — has great posture and is beautifully made up.

BR – book review
* – teared up