After Claude & The Slits

My two favorite thing in November are After Claude by Iris Owens and The Slits’ Cut album. Both were released in the 70’s, which just makes me dream of time traveling and being a stuckup punk rocker. That is it.


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Lost Lander DRRT

Fell in love with Lost Lander the other night. They’re from Portland, OR, and include 4 members, I think? Whatever here is their debut video. Here’s info about it:

“Jonnie Ross put together this bizarre and beautiful montage of images that he pulled from one night of television watching, using only his iPhone’s video camera to capture the images off of the screen”

Active Child

“Hanging On”

“Playing House (Featuring How To Dress Well”

The bad news is that I haven’t fallen in love with Active Child until today. The good newsis that I will be seeing them/him perform live when they roll into town alongside M83 next month.
So haunting, so beautiful. One of those albums you instantly love and can’t understand how you’ve survived without. His vocals remind me of Fever Ray (and The Knife’s more recent more experimental outcomes), it’s not for everyone… The beauty lays within the layers of his choir-like vocals and keyboards and harp and drum machines.

I’m in love!

I’m a big fan of all thing coffee / espresso, including but not limited to tiramisu & lattes. For the next 30 days I will visit 10 local coffee shops to review and rate them. Simple.


Good news! I’m in love!

Sitting here under the coldest A/C in all of Phoenix listening to indie rock and enjoying the best damn cup of coffee ever. It’s called “pour over” and it’s basically a personal cup of joe Giant Coffee baristas will make for you! There are revolving flavors to choose from – I picked the Eithiopian one which had the more distinctive scent. All of their coffee is direct from the coffee plantations – no middle man! Nice. They have goodies that look mouthwatering, including plump bagels, sweets, and biscotti. The location is amazing – walking distance from lightrail AND library. The space is very urban, huge ceiling-to-floor windows that ask to be opened once the weather outside permits. It’s a nice unpretentious modern coffee shop which shares the space with a little boutique. New favorite spot.

Customer service : 4.5/5
Coffee : 5/5
Sweets selection : 4/5
Atmosphere : 5/5

Nora Ephron

Today I read Nora Ephron’s hilarious book “I Remember Nothing”  cover to cover. She might be my new favorite author. I highly suggest checking out her 2010 book, her previous bestseller – “I Feel Bad About My Neck“.

What I liked most about it – beside being a breezy charming read –  was the fact I found a lot about the author in a small timeslot. After finishing her book, I feel we’ve spent an afternoon together. She ordered a bottle of Pellegrino, told me a few lessons in life (about divorce, cheating men, and having children) only a more mature woman could.

If her name doesn’t ring any bells – shame on you! She wrote “When Harry Met Sally…”, “You’ve Got Mail” and “Sleepless In Seattle”. She also directed the later two. She cowrote a handful of other films. Is there anything this woman can’t do!? Apparently dessert, but you’ll have to read her book to find out what I mean!

Nora Ephron’s 6-word bibliography : “Secret to life, marry an Italian.”

September obsessions

Lately, the most exciting section of NYT Sunday paper is the Book Review. I read over it and write down in a notebook all of the interesting titles and authors. I proceed to find most at a local library.

Everyone under the California sun was wearing a maxi skirt (not so much dresses, as I have imagined this trend wouldn’t last). Maxi skirts remind me of hippie days of 1970’s (Stevie Nicks is wearing one on the cover of Rumors).

Talking about celebs, Fearne Cotton is as cute as botton! Spotted her presenting the Reading Festival on BBC, and just fell in instant love. Her fashion (and hair) style is so spot on too.

For energy boosts at work, I’ve been drinking Starbucks Via Instant Coffee. It dissolves in cold water, add ice and voila!

I originally spotted these platform shoes (Via Spiga Ecstacy) in the beginning of summer. They’re cute for summer heat, comfortable because the heel isn’t very high, AND are an absolute blessing for petite girls like me.

Roasted Seaweed from Trader Joe’s has been my latest snack. They’re not for everyone, but they are delishious! I’ve also been eating edamame quite often. I need all the iron I can get now that I’ve cut red meat out of my diet.